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What do I bring to my appointment with Maximum Mortgage?

  1. 2 years of complete tax returns

  2. 1 month of verifiable income, check stubs or salary statements.

  3. 2 months of bank statements.

  4. 401k or retirement statements.

If refinancing also bring:

  1.  mortgage statement

  2.  tax statement

  3.  insurance statement

  4.  if refinancing a condo please bring your association statement.


How much will it cost me to get my credit report?

  • We will give you a free credit report from one credit bureau.

My credit isnít too good, can I still buy a home?

  • Yes! Perfect credit is not always needed.

Can I by a home if Iím self-employed?

  • Yes! If you have been self Ėemployed for 2 years or more and have a business license or verification from your account or tax consultant.

I just changed jobs, can I still buy a home?

  • Yes! you may change jobs.

I filed bankruptcy can I still buy a home?

  • Yes! There are many options even as soon as 1 day after bankruptcy.

I owe back child support can I still buy a home?

  • Yes!  many circumstances apply and are allowed.

I havenít filed my taxes and may owe back taxes, can I still buy a home.

  • Yes ! Many programs are available , with little or no down payment.

I make minimum wage how can I buy a home?

  • Yes! There are programs that are approved on credit only not income.

I lost a home through foreclosure can I ever buy a home again?

  • Yes! After foreclosure you can reestablish your credit and buy another home.

Iím on social security can I buy a home.

  • Yes! Income type is not the only factor considered.

How much do I qualify for to buy a home?

  • There are many programs that you may qualify for. If you are thinking of buying home you should contact Maximum Mortgage for a free confidential consultation.

What does no income verification mean?

  • There are many programs that are based on equity and credit, and you do not have to disclose how much you earn.

My house needs painting and a roof can I still refinance my home?

  • Yes! Many loans are for home improvement.

If I just refinance my house how soon can I refinance my house again?

  • You can refinance as many times as you equity allows.

What if I have a prepayment penalty?

  • Sometimes your prepayment penalty can be waived, or sometimes your new financial terms may out way the prepayment penalty and balance your equity.

What if I have too much debt?

  • Refinancing can pay all your debts and give you a new start.

What if Iím behind in payments, can I still refinance?

  • Yes! This may be one way to save your home.

If I donít have any money, how can I pay for my closing cost to refinance?

  • Maximum Mortgage offers no out of pocket costs.